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Local Mobile Home Parks in Southern IL

Located in Carbondale, IL, we offer affordable house opportunities for students, singles and families in Southern Illinois.

Need a place to stay while you go to school? Looking for affordable housing options? You may want to check out local mobile home parks that offer affordable housing opportunities for students, singles and even families in Southern IL. At Southern Oaks Mobile Home Community, we provide our residents with a well-maintained, secure and affordable place to lay their heads at night. Whether you’re a student attending nearby SIU or recently graduated and looking to live on a budget, we’ve got something for you. Contact our staff to talk about your living situation and the options we have available for you to take advantage of!

Mobile Home Rentals

Looking for a rental space that has enough room for you to live comfortably on a budget? It’s time you checked out Southern Oaks Mobile Home Community for low-cost home rentals in a safe, well-maintained part of Carbondale, IL. We rent to all types of people including students, singles, young professionals and families. Our variety of available floor plans allows residents of all types to find what they need here.

Student Housing

Need a place to stay for the upcoming school year? Can’t bring yourself to pay the high rental rates needed for a tiny apartment? You and your friends can find lodging for less at Southern Oaks. With a variety of floor plans and nearby restaurants and entertainment, we’re a perfect student housing option for those that have been accepted late and missed out on housing opportunities or those that are trying to save on rent.

Click here to find more details about our home rental and student rental opportunities.

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student housing carbondale illinois

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Lot Leasing

Do you own a mobile home? Looking to move to the Southern IL area? Check out Southern Oaks Mobile Home Community for details on leasing our lots and bring your mobile home to Carbondale, IL. We offer flexible lease agreements in a safe, well-lit and well-maintained community.  Carbondale is a bustling city of just over 25,000 people that features restaurants, entertainment, sports and local opportunities for education.

Benefits of Southern IL Living

You’ll love living in Southern IL. The Carbondale, IL area offers everything you could need – here are just some of the many benefits to living in Southern Illinois.

  • Low cost of living means your money goes further.
  • Nearby colleges and universities give you the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Southern IL offers some of the best wines in the country.
  • Nearby Shawnee National Forest allows you to get close with nature.
  • Carbondale features dining, entertainment and recreation options for all to enjoy.

Click here to see our lots available for lease.

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Pre-Owned Mobile Home Sales

In addition to rental and leasing options, we also offer pre-owned mobile home sales. Why struggle to make payments on a house that’s too big for you anyway? Call our staff about comfortable, affordable living in quality, well-maintained mobile homes in our secure, well-lit mobile home park.

Click here for details about our mobile homes for sale.

Mobile Home Park Southern IL

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